Smile, it’s Simple. When your skin’s happy and fresh faced, you feel healthier and happier too!

Simple’s Revitalising Eye Roll-On contains a refreshing eye gel formulated with cucumber extract and vitamin goodness to wake up and reduce puffiness and revitalise tired eyes.

The innovative roller ball applicator instantly cools and gently massages the delicate eye area. Perfect for even sensitive skin.


The first thing you notice is that the product comes in a cardboard box with a description, instructions and the ingredients. Then inside the box there is tube in which the product is contained. It has a twist off cap where you will find a metal ball at the opening of the tube. To dispense the product, you’re instructed to roll it around the eye area in circular motions while slightly squeezing the tube so that the product gets onto the metal ball and is massaged into your skin.

DSC_0133 DSC_0131


I started using this a few weeks ago, and since using it I haven’t noticed a huge difference in how my skin used to feel under my eyes. It does feel slightly more moisturised that it had before using this product but that’s as far as it goes. I have to admit, the metal ball feels soooo nice first thing in the morning! It’s cool touch really helps to wake up your skin in the morning so that is definitely a plus about this product. It’s also pretty lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. I’m going to continue using this for another few weeks to see if it makes any further difference to my skin because I don’t want to give up on it just yet!

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On – Currently on offer at €3.64 (Boots.ie)


I’m always looking out for new cleanser to try for removing my make-up. Most of the ones that I’ve tried have irritated my skin and caused break outs so of course, I’m pretty keen on finding one that does the opposite!

So I picked up the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. It’s in a huge bottle at 350ml so it’s definitely going to last a while. Of course that was a plus for me!


The product is dispensed through a pump which I think is the best for this kind of product. It avoids causing a mess and gives you pretty good control over the amount of product you want to use. The pump also twists off in case you’d prefer to just pour/squeeze out the amount you’d like.


PEACHES AND CLEAN™ Deep Cleansing Milk features a special clogged-pore formula with PEACH & GOJUICE™ extracts and an OXYGINSENG™ daily skin detox which will help to purify and clarify, invigorate, soften skin, and melt away makeup, dirt, and impurities for a smooth, luminous complexion.


First of all, the product smells AMAZING. Well, if you like peaches that is. It’s so fresh and fruity that it just feels like its going to be great for your skin. Although it might be too sweet for some people that are sensitive to smells.


To use this I add a few pumps onto a cotton pad and use it to rub off my make up. It seems to work off the make up pretty well without you having to really scrub at your skin. It hasn’t irritated my skin or caused any breakouts so far so it’s looking good for me! I don;t really use this product to remove any eye make up as my eyes are very sensitive to scented products. Although if I have very little eye make up on then I might use this to wipe over it very slightly.

My skin doesn’t feel dry after using this cleansing milk, in fact, it actually feels quite moisturised. I usually wash it off my wetting my face and then use a foaming cleanser to wash my face. After this it doesn’t feel like there’s a greasy layer left on my skin, but I don’t think that your face would be left feeling greasy if you just washed it off with water either.

My favourite thing about this cleansing milk is that it isn’t too harsh on my skin. It cleans off make up really well whilst also not causing any breakouts on my skin. So I’d definitely recommend anyone to give this a try!

Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk – €8.49


My hair is naturally brunette and has had its fair share of dying over the last few years so I’m always trying to find a new shampoo & conditioner to try and keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. Over the last few months my scalp has become quite dry so I’m on the search for something that isn’t going to completely dry out my scalp and strip my hair of all its natural oils, so here is here I tell you of my latest purchase!

Boots are currently doing an offer on Toni&Guy products so I decided to give their brunette range a go. I purchased both the Cleanse Shampoo for Brunette Hair & the Nourish Conditioner for Brunette Hair.



I love the bottles that the products come in! There’s something about the simplicity of them that I think is really nice. And because I have shoulder length hair, these 250ml bottles are going to last me a while!


SHAMPOO: From rich chestnuts to deep mahoganies, the advanced formula gently cleanses to enhance colour and shine. Suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair.

CONDITIONER: Deeply nourishes brunette hair and helps lock in colour and shine. Suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair.


The shampoo lathers up really well and smells lovely! It felt like it was really cleaning my hair while also not making it feel too straw-like. The conditioner also smelled really nice while I massaged it into my hair. It made it really easy to comb through my hair without it being too much of a struggle which is always nice! After I rinsed out the conditioner my hair stayed feeling soft and silky without feeling greasy. I let my hair dry naturally and I had never felt my hair so soft in a long time! It looks so healthy and smooth! It really did what it said it would. Although my hair seems to get greasier sooner than it normally would but so far I’m not sure if it’s from the shampoo and conditioner or if its just that I’m touching my hair more the last few days.

But overall I am delighted with how my hair has been feeling after using these products so hopefully these will be some of go to hair products!


I was browsing my local Boots store for any new products in-store and I came across the Rimmel London Good To Glow Highlighter. The first thing that grabbed my attention about it was that it was a liquid highlighter and I am always on the lookout for a good liquid highlighter. So of course I had to give this a try! There are three shades to choose from: “001 Notting Hill Glow”, “002 Piccadilly Glow” and “003 Soho Glow”. I purchased “003 Soho Glow”




It comes in a plastic tube with a screw-on cap, which I actually quite like when it comes to liquid products. It’s pretty compact and handy for travel which is always good. I also like the gold colour that they’ve used for the packaging, it makes the pink “Good To Glow” writing stand out that bit more. It comes in 25ml bottle which I think is a great size. It’s useful when travelling abroad and any more would just be too much for the product that it is. For me, it’s the perfect amount for the price.


Instant buildable illuminator and highlighter. Light reflecting pigments for a radiant and luminous look. The lightweight liquid texture can be used on face and décolleté and can be worn alone or blended with foundation for a subtle all over glow. Add an instant touch of radiance to your look!


When I squeezed the product out of the tube it is a medium consistency. It’s not too runny and not to thick. You can see a shimmer to the product and it is gold in colour. Straight away it looks like it was going to be an easy product to work with and blend. Nothing is worse than a product that is too thick to spread around your face! When I blended it onto my skin you could clearly see that it was giving a nice natural glow to the skin. It wasn’t giving an extreme shiny or glitter to the skin which I liked about this product. You could easily wear this alone on your cheeks to give yourself a natural highlight to the face. I found it easy to blend and actually found myself skipping a powder highlighter after applying my foundation and face powder because I liked the subtle glow it gave me so much!

DSC_0014 DSC_0020


I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a simple and subtle liquid highlighter to add to their makeup bag. It’s so easy to work with it and takes two seconds to blend! I’ve been using it daily in my makeup routine because I’ve loved using it so much. And for the price, it’s definitely worth a try!

Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara – REVIEW

DSC_0110Product Description (Boots):

Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara with Vitamins & Cucumber. Wake up to uplifted lashes! Precision brush wraps each and every lash with defined, clump-free volume, lifting & stretching them all the way up for an eye awakening effect!

I was doing my usual browse in Boots and wandered over to the Rimmel stand. When lo and behold, I see this bright green shiny goddess staring back at me! My God, I am in love with that green! I just had to pick it up, I didn’t care what it did or why I needed it but I wanted to buy it and that’s surely what it did. Now, after my whole excitement over it’s colour, I actually took a minute to read what it was all about. Apparently it’s an eye-wakening mascara that contains cucumber and vitamins that makes your eyes looks energized while giving amazing lift and volume to your lashes. That all sounds really good, right?

DSC_0120The brush is quite big and is rounded on each end which normally intimidates me but with this mascara I didn’t find it much of a problem. With almost every mascara I tend to make the tiniest bit of a mess, even if its just from blinking that bit too hard, so it didn’t bother me too much when I got a bit of this mascara on my eyelid or below my lower lashes. Baring this in mind, it may be a concern for others that this mascara may cause you to mess up that tiny bit.

Another thing I that I have a love/hate relationship with when it comes to this mascara is that it’s slow drying. This is great when you’re layering it up and it doesn’t cause the mascara to clump but it’s frustrating when you go to do your bottom lashes and then you notice that there is number of black dots above your eyelid where your top lashes have come in contact with skin. I did notice when applying that it doesn’t add much volume to your lashes so some may prefer to layer up to build up that volume effect. But for an everyday mascara that you don’t want to heavy on the eyes, this is perfect! It is so light on your eyelashes that you barely feel it and the smell is also a plus! It’s very rare that I like the smell of a mascara, but this is just absolutely divine.


Above is a picture of the ‘Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara’ applied to one eye compared to my natural eyelashes on the other. For an everyday mascara I completely recommend this. The smell is so refreshing and the lightweight feel makes it ideal for everyday wear!

Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara – €9.99


Sleek Brow Kit Review

For the past few months I’ve been trying out the Sleek Brow Kit after moving on from the NYX Cake Powder. I purchased it from Boots while I was in Cardiff and I couldn’t wait to play around with it.

Here’s what the packaging looks like –

DSC_0092 DSC_0097DSC_0093

Like I said,I’ve been using this for a few months so it does look pretty messy! You can clearly see that I prefer to just use the wax instead of using the powder that is provided as well which is just personal preference. I prefer to just use the wax and then to set it with a brow gel.

I purchased the Brow Kit in “Dark” and it suits my hair colour really well. A small tweezers, an angled brush and a rounded brush also came with the brow kit but I prefer to use my own brushes with this product. Don’t get me wrong, the little brushes are really handy to have when you’re on-the-go and also the tweezers, I’m just never to fussy about holding onto the brushes that come with some products.

The wax and powder are both very pigmented and very easy to apply. It’s also simple to fix if you make a mistake in the shape in your brows. This is so helpful for me because I can never get my brows perfect first try! I’ll insert a picture below of what the Brow Kit looks like after application before I’ve set it with a brow gel.

unnamedI was pretty happy with the coverage as I don’t like to have really dark, densely covered eyebrows. After I apply the wax i fix up the shape with a brow gel and sharper underneath the brow with a concealer. I can safely say I’ll be using this product for a long time, I am more than happy with the result!


Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara



Maybelline’s first layer reveal brush, sweeps up every lash hair. Inner bristles capture the tiniest lashes you didn’t know you had whilst outer bristle’s volumise the look of longer lashes. From corner to corner, top to bottom, no lash is left behind

The Formula:

New liquid formula, with a low wax count created the blackest of black lashes that are so dark and defined.

The Result:

A layered multiplied look. Mascara can be built up layer upon layer without fear of clumps or crunchiness to multiply lashes.

I’d been eyeing up this mascara for a while now, but I only convinced myself to buy it when I was in a rush leaving for work and had forgotten to apply my mascara (don’t ask me how). So I went ahead and wandered into Boots and picked this up. Needless to say I was pretty excited to try it out because let’s just face it, the brush looks pretty darn cool.

Here’s was it looks like compared to my natural lashes:

I have to say, I actually love it! I find it so hard to find a good mascara because my eyelashes just do not agree with going the way that I want them too. I did find that the formula sometimes clumped a few of my lashes together but it only took my a few seconds of messing around with them to fix them and I don’t know about you but I really do like the end result! After a few hours of wear I didn’t notice it flaking off so it does have quite a good hold. I did find it harder to take off at the end of the day than usual but that complete depends on your eye make-up remover as well.

So overall, I definitely would re-purchase this mascara over and over again (unless they change the formula, and I’m praying they don’t!). So from one beauty lover to another, I say you need to try this out!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara – €11.99


FaceD 3-Luronics Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream


So, I received the FaceD 3-Luronics Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream in a Glossybox delivery a few months ago and I’ve been meaning to review this for a while!

What the FaceD website claims this product provides:

  • Visible reductions of dark circles from the very first application
  • Visible reduction of eye bags
  • 80% of subjects showed a decrease in the visibility of micro wrinkles after 56 days

First off, I’ll start by saying that I don’t suffer from bad under-eye circles or bags. I have minor discolouration under my eyes and I don’t have a problem dealing with them. But I do have quite fine lines under my eyes that my make-up tends to sink into which causes them to look even worse so when I saw this come in the post I was pretty excited to see if it’d cover them up pretty easily.


  • Day and Night: apply 3-Luronics Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream around eye area paying special attention to dark circles.
  • Morning: with eye bags, apply from the inner to the outer under-eye corners. This will help to drain out water and deflate the area.
  • Night: apply from the under-eye outer corner area to the inner one and along the eyelid and orbital bone towards the temples. This will help to fight fine lines and wrinkles.


When I first took off the lid and squeezed out a bit of product onto my finger tip it was a creamy consistency (not too thin, not too thick). It was also white/blue/grey colour. There was no strong scent that I noticed. I then applied three dots under my eyes with my finger tip (as shown in the before and after shots below). Using patting motions back and forth from the inner corner to the outer corner of my under-eye. The colour of the product made my under-eyes instantly brighter.


After application:

I did notice that the purple/blue discolouration that was close to my inner corner had improved greatly and my under-eyes looked much brighter which made me look a lot more fresh and awake. It also helped to decreased my fine lines straight away which, of course, was a bonus.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the FaceD 3-Luronics Anti-Dar Circles Eye Cream as it had immediate results and I’d love to see what it’s like after 56 days.

FaceD 3-Luronics Anti-Dar Circles Eye Cream – £12.99