My hair is naturally brunette and has had its fair share of dying over the last few years so I’m always trying to find a new shampoo & conditioner to try and keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. Over the last few months my scalp has become quite dry so I’m on the search for something that isn’t going to completely dry out my scalp and strip my hair of all its natural oils, so here is here I tell you of my latest purchase!

Boots are currently doing an offer on Toni&Guy products so I decided to give their brunette range a go. I purchased both the Cleanse Shampoo for Brunette Hair & the Nourish Conditioner for Brunette Hair.



I love the bottles that the products come in! There’s something about the simplicity of them that I think is really nice. And because I have shoulder length hair, these 250ml bottles are going to last me a while!


SHAMPOO: From rich chestnuts to deep mahoganies, the advanced formula gently cleanses to enhance colour and shine. Suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair.

CONDITIONER: Deeply nourishes brunette hair and helps lock in colour and shine. Suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair.


The shampoo lathers up really well and smells lovely! It felt like it was really cleaning my hair while also not making it feel too straw-like. The conditioner also smelled really nice while I massaged it into my hair. It made it really easy to comb through my hair without it being too much of a struggle which is always nice! After I rinsed out the conditioner my hair stayed feeling soft and silky without feeling greasy. I let my hair dry naturally and I had never felt my hair so soft in a long time! It looks so healthy and smooth! It really did what it said it would. Although my hair seems to get greasier sooner than it normally would but so far I’m not sure if it’s from the shampoo and conditioner or if its just that I’m touching my hair more the last few days.

But overall I am delighted with how my hair has been feeling after using these products so hopefully these will be some of go to hair products!